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Block of the periodic table

What are the blocks of the periodic table?

Depending on the number of electrons in the electron shell (electron configuration), the elements of the periodic table are divided into blocks. At present there are four different blocks with the s, p, d and f blocks. The g-block, which concerns the superactinoids, is currently still hypothetical, since no corresponding element has yet been detected.
The names of the blocks are derived from the appearance of the spectral lines of the atomic orbitals concerned: sharp, principal, diffuse, and fundamental. All (theoretically) following blocks are named alphabetically (g-block, h-block, etc.).

block TitleElectrons in the electron shellassociated elements
s blockMax. 21st and 2nd main group and helium
p-blockMax. 63rd - 8th main group
d-blockMax. 10all ten subgroups
f-blockMax. 14Lanthanides and actinides
G-blockMax. 18Superactinoids (not yet detected)