List of the most popular dog breeds with pictures

Together with cats, dogs are among the most popular pets in Germany. Hard to believe, but all today breeds come from the wolf. Through targeted breeding many different breeds have emerged, which externally and character z.T. very different from each other. Humans began domestication at least 20,000 years ago, ie the breeding and taming of wild wolves. Other estimates even go back more than 80,000 years.
Incidentally, we do not speak of dog species, but of dog breeds. The reason is purely biological: while species may look very similar and are also very close to tribal history (such as chimpanzees and orangutans), they can not produce fertile offspring. Unlike in animal breeds, where the appearance also partly differs significantly (for example German Shepherd and Yorkshire Terrier), reproduction is still possible. All dog breeds can theoretically be crossed with each other, so that one speaks of a common breed, the domestic dog (Canis lupus familiaris).
Here is an overview of the most popular breeds of dogs.

Overview of the most popular dog breeds

AkitaJAP≈ 70cm≈ 45kg8 - 14
American Pit BullUnited States≈ 50cm≈ 30kg8 - 13
American StaffordshireUnited States≈ 45cm≈ 35kg8 - 14
Australian ShepherdUnited States≈ 55cm≈ 25kg12 - 15
beagleGB≈ 40cm≈ 18kg10 - 16
Bernese Mountain DogCH≈ 70cm≈ 45kg5 - 8
St. bernardCH≈ 90cm≈ 85kg4 - 9
Border collieGB≈ 55cm≈ 18kg12 - 15
bullterrierGB≈ 50cm≈ 30kg10 - 12
Cane Corso ItalianoIT≈ 65cm≈ 45kg10 - 14
ChihuahuaMEX≈ 20cm≈ 3kg8 - 16
Cocker spanielGB≈ 40cm≈ 13kg10 - 15
dachshundDEU≈ 30cm≈ 9kg11 - 15
DalmatianKRO≈ 60cm≈ 30kg8 - 13
German MastiffDEU≈ 85cm≈ 80kg5 - 8
German boxerDEU≈ 60cm≈ 30kg10 - 13
German shepherd dogDEU≈ 60cm≈ 35kg10 - 14
DobermanDEU≈ 70cm≈ 35kg9 - 13
Dogo ArgentinoARG≈ 65cm≈ 40kg12 - 16
English bulldogGB≈ 40cm≈ 22kg7 - 10
French bulldogFRA≈ 35cm≈ 12kg8 - 12
Golden retrieverGB≈ 60cm≈ 30kg9 - 12
HovawartDEU≈ 65cm≈ 35kg8 - 13
HuskyRUS≈ 60cm≈ 26kg8 - 13
Jack Russell TerrierGB≈ 30cm≈ 5kg12 - 16
LabradorGB≈ 55cm≈ 40kg10 - 13
Maltese?≈ 22cm≈ 4kg10 - 15
MastiffGB≈ 85cm≈ 85kg9 - 12
pugCHN≈ 35cm≈ 7kg10 - 15
NewfoundlandCAN≈ 75cm≈ 65kg7 - 11
poodleFRA≈ 55cm≈ 25kg10 - 15
Rhodesian RidgebackSIM≈ 70cm≈ 35kg9 - 12
rottweilerDEU≈ 65cm≈ 55kg8 - 10
Yorkshire TerrierGB≈ 20cm≈ 3kg12 - 16

Dog breeds in the system of the FCI:

Group 1: herding dogs and cattle dogs
Group 2: Pinscher and Schnauzer - Molossoids - Mountain Dogs
Group 3: Terriers
Group 4: Dachshunds
Group 5: Tip and dogs of the original type
Group 6: Running dogs, sweat dogs and related breeds
Group 7: Pointers
Group 8: Retrievers - Flushing Dogs - Water Dogs
Group 9: Company and assistance dogs
Group 10: Greyhounds