Surname: Grapefruit
Latin name: Citrus paradisi
Number of species:
family: Rhombic growth
growing region: worldwide
Orig. circulation area: Caribbean
harvest time: ?
Wuchshцhe: 3 - 12m
Older: ?
calories: about 40kcal per 100g
fruit color: yellow or red
mass: about 150g
GrцЯe: Diameter about 8-18cm
Contained vitamins: Vitamin C
Included minerals: Calcium, potassium, magnesium
taste: sour, bitter

Interesting facts about the grapefruit

The Grapefruit is the fruit of the citrus grapefruit tree (Citrus x aurantium or Citrus paradisi), a cross between the orange and the grapefruit, which in Germany is often mistaken for grapefruit. The English term "grapefruit" ("grape": "grape") indicates the grape-like arrangement of fruits on the tree.
The original grapefruit was probably not the product of deliberate breeding efforts, but the result of a spontaneous spontaneous hybrid formation in the eighteenth century. Country of origin of the fruit also called "paradise apple" is the Caribbean island of Barbados. In the 1820s, the grapefruit came from there to Florida, where in the mid-1870s began farmers with the plantation cultivation in a big way. Together with Texas, Florida is now the main growing area for the grapefruit. But in other countries, especially in Israel, Brazil, South Africa and Spain, there are large grapefruit plantations.
The botanical berry-dominated flat-pear or pear-shaped grapefruit is bred in numerous varieties, which differ in weight and size as well as the color of shell and pulp. The color shades of the grapefruit flesh range from pale yellow to pink to dark red. Grapefruit reach an average diameter of 8 to 18 cm and are usually bred to seedlessness.
The segments, in which the sour-bitter-tasting, very juicy pulp is divided, are fused together and therefore can not be easily dissolved out like the "crevices" of the orange or tangerine. Therefore, grapefruits are usually spooned from the sliced ​​fruit and eaten raw. A significant part of the harvest is processed into juice. Grapefruit meat and juice are considered to be excellent helpers in losing weight because of the substances they contain (radical scavengers, pectin, etc.). Grapefruit, which has a positive effect on blood sugar levels, will also be used to prevent diabetes mellitus. The grapefruit is also suspected to abate the effect of certain drugs.