What is a farm? Definition:

After the organs have been placed in the embryo during the organogenesis (1st to 8th week of pregnancy), the 9th week of pregnancy begins Fetogenese, From now on one calls the unborn child as Fцtus (lat. fetus = breed, body fruit). This term is retained until birth of the newborn.
Within about 30-week-long fetogenesis the fetus grows more than 45cm and increases in weight 3kg.

Development of the Fttus

1st trimester (SSW 1-12): Fertilization of the egg cell, Nidation, development of the cotyledons, from about the 10th week on the fetus, insertion of the organs.
2nd trimester (SSW 13-28): Ripening of the organs, growth, proliferation of nerve cells in the brain, sensory systems begin to function
3rd trimester (SSW 29-40): Final maturation of the organs, weight gain
For detailed development during the individual weeks of pregnancy, see Pregnancy