What is the difference between “gene delivery” and “gene therapy”?

What is the specific difference between gene delivery and gene therapy?

As far as I understand, gene delivery is the first step of gene therapy, but where does gene delivery end and gene therapy begin?

Does gene therapy necessarily imply that the host DNA is itself changed, or is it just that there is "extra" DNA floating around with the host DNA that also gets replicated?

Citing wikipedia:

Gene delivery is the process of introducing foreign DNA into host cells.

Gene therapy is the therapeutic delivery of nucleic acid polymers into a patient's cells as a drug to treat disease.

In other words, 'gene therapy' refers to the use of 'gene delivery' for therapeutic goals.

Gene therapy is not just delivery of genetic material into the cell. There are processes such as homologous recombination and reverse mutation that are also a part of Gene therapy that helps in correcting the genetic makeup so as to cure disorders. Gene delivery is delivery of gene into the cell where as Gene therapy has an objective of correcting the genetic make up by inserting or correcting the defective gene. I hope that helps.

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