Iron (Fe) properties

Atomic mass, symbol and atomic number

iron is a naturally occurring element with the element symbol Fe and atomic number 26. In the periodic table it stands with an atomic mass of 55.845 u in the 8th subgroup. The discovered chemical element is not radioactive and is in a solid state at room temperature.

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Chemical element:iron
Atomic number:26
Group:iron group
Series:Transition metals
Year of discovery:primeval
Atomic properties
Atomic mass:55.845 u
Atomic radius:140 pm
Covalent radius:123 pm
Van der Waals radius:unknown
Electron configuration:Ar 3d6 4s2
ionization:762.5 kJ / mol
Physical Properties
Physical state:firmly
Density:7874 kg / m3
Crystal structure:???
molar volume:7,09 · 10-6 m3/ mol
Mohs hardness:/
Melting point:1538 ° C
Boiling point:3000 ° C
Heat of fusion:13.8 kJ / mol
Heat of vaporization:354 kJ / mol
Thermal conductivity:80 W
Chemical properties

Did you know that ...

  • Iron as a trace element plays an important role in human metabolism, especially in blood formation?
  • China promotes most iron ore worldwide?
  • the industrial revolution without iron would not have been possible?
  • Steel is made of an alloy consisting mainly of iron?
  • Iron is very prone to corrosion?