Semantic similarity measurement for cell line ontologies

I have a set of cell line pairs and I want to know to what extent the pairs are similar based on their ontologies. The problem I have is that I have found a Python library called Fastsemsim, but it has many similarity measurements. Or to be exact, there are actually many ontology similarity measurements. And I want to know which similarity measurement is best suited for my case (cell line ontologies similarities). There might be a couple of good ones that are good for cells ontologies. These are a set of similarity measurements that are available in Fastsemsim.

Semantic Similarity

  • SemSim.TermSemSim
  • SemSim.ObjSemSim
  • SemSim.ObjSetSemSim
  • SemSim.SetSemSim
  • Specific Semantic Similarity measures
  • SemSim.MixSemSim
  • SemSim.avgSemSim
  • SemSim.maxSemSim
  • SemSim.BMASemSim
  • SemSim.SemSimUtils