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The strongest animals

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Many people, when asked about the strongest animal, would name burly giants like the elephant, the whale, the hippopotamus or the rhino. In fact, there are some tiny things that do wonders for strength in terms of body size. Of course, a rhino or elephant could easily displace a car or other large vehicle if it got in the way. However, some species are able to lift, move and even transport hundreds of times their own weight over longer distances.
As the strongest animal in the world, measured by its body weight, a small representative of the arachnids has to be mentioned, which does not even measure one millimeter and weighs ten thousandths of a gram. However, the humus and soil-dwelling tropical mite or Archegozetes longisetosus can lift up to 1200 times its own weight. If an adult person had such powers, he could handle 25 trucks at once. This incredible balance of power is unique in the animal kingdom and makes the horn mite with its strong shears to the absolute front-runner. Although some crabs, including the Oregon crab or Cancer oregonensis, have similar strength in their scissors, but weigh well over ten grams, their performance is not comparable to that of the tropical oribatmid.
Similarly fascinating is the physical performance of the dung beetles or geotrupidae, which scientists call the most powerful insects in the world. Even male dung beetles of the species Onthophagus taurus are able to handle almost 1150 times their own weight. This ability is related to their sexual behavior, because in the fight for the females, the male dung beetles provide fierce duels with their horns, in which they can train their powers. You try to throw the rival out of the manure pile of the occupied female and then mate with him.
Among the snakes is the Great Anaconda or Eunectus murinus as a true muscle package. Although the species is native to the tropical forests of South America, it can claim the title of the world's largest snake and, thanks to its exceptional strength, it can also harbor animals that are many times its own body weight. Large anacondas often capture animals weighing up to 250 kilograms, such as deer, capybaras, or caimans. After crushing the victim with her muscle power and stopping his bloodstream, the anaconda swallows the prey head first.
Among the mammals, especially the gorilla impresses with its extraordinary muscular power. He can easily lift two tons and is therefore considered one of the strongest land-living animals ever. The African elephant is capable of lifting nearly nine tons. However, as full-grown bull elephants weigh up to six or even seven tons, their power output, relative to that of the tiny ornithocampus, is relatively small, of course. In comparison, the ox, which can move at least one and a half times its weight, is already much more impressive.
Incidentally, the greatest biting power is possessed by the Great White Shark, which can crush pieces weighing almost two tons between its jaws. His ancestor was six times stronger than the dreaded Tyrannosaurus rex with a biting force of up to 18 tons. In comparison, a person can bite with a force of eighty kilos, while a full-grown African lion at least seven times the biting power can show.
If you want to get a dog with an unbridled power, consider buying a Kangal, a Dogo Argentinos or a Japanese Tosa Inus. The latter breed, however, does not convince by a high biting power, but is able to overturn people or opposing dogs thanks to their powerful muscles.