The pine - conifer


Surname: Pine
Latin name: Pinus pinea
Number of species: 2
circulation area: Europe
fruit: about 12cm long, light brown cones
heyday: May June
height: 20-30m
Older: 80 - 250 years
Properties of the bark: rich in profile, slightly reddish
Properties of the wood: rich in resin
Locations of the tree: undemanding
leaf: 10-20cm long needles

Interesting about the pine

The pine or Pinus pinea is a pine plant and is native to the Mediterranean region and some parts of the Black Sea coast. In the vernacular, the pine is also referred to as Mediterranean pine. About two thousand years ago, it was naturalized by the ancient Romans in other European countries and is now even in the UK native. The pine loves warm and sunny or at least light-filled locations and thrives best in dry, sparsely populated areas of the flora. The pine leaves hardly any claims to the soil condition.
This conifer reaches stature heights of an average of twenty meters and is noticeable by the typical umbrella-like treetop. Their thin and pointed needles are flexible, about ten to twenty centimeters long and grow in pairs. The seeds in the elongated male flowers develop only when the tree has reached a age of fifteen to twenty years. The flowering time of the pine lasts from May to June. As a fruit, the cones show up after a three-year ripening period in autumn, open when exposed to heat and release the seeds, which then fall to the ground. These are stuck in a hard and two millimeters thick shell, which bounces slightly on impact with the ground and allows the seed to escape by germinating.
Lovers of Italian cuisine know the peeled seeds as pine nuts, which are regarded as an important ingredient of the pesto, but are often spread over various pasta dishes. Sweets are also made from pine nuts, especially in Italy. The wood, whose quality is getting better and better as the tree ages, is mainly used in the manufacture of furniture and floors. From this tree, the pine bark extract is obtained, which can be used as an approved dietary supplement and remedy in the alternative treatment of many ailments.