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SurnameImage: Owl (owl)
Latin name: Bubo bubo
class: Birds
size: 50 - 70cm
mass: 1,5 - 4kg
Older: 15 - 25 years
Appearance: gray, black, light brown
Sexual dimorphism: Yes
Nutrition type: Carnivore
food: Mice, birds, rabbits
distribution: Europe and Asia
Sleep-wake rhythm: twilight and nocturnal
habitat: Forests, low mountain ranges, steppes
natural enemies: Fox, marten
sexual maturity: about 24 months
mating season: September October
breeding season: 32 - 34 days
clutch size: 2 - 3 eggs
Threatened with extinction: No
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Interesting facts about the owl

  • The eagle owl belongs as a twilight hunter to the nocturnal animals. But not all owl species are nocturnal, such as the diurnal snowy owl.
  • Owls recharge indigestible material from prey animals (e.g., bones, feathers and hair) to swell. On the basis of these vaults accurate conclusions can be drawn on the food of the owls.
  • In Germany live still about 4000 Uhus. Although the eagle owl is one of the rarest animals, it is not yet acutely threatened with extinction.
  • Adult owls have no natural enemies. Only young and flightless Uhus are endangered in the nest by fox and marten.
  • The sensitive ears help the owl to find prey when hunting. Once sighted, the eagle owl almost silently flies towards its prey, until it grabs it with its pointed claws and kills it with a bite in the neck.
  • The eagle owl owes its name to the typical "uhuuu" calls, which are designed to attract females during mating season.
  • An eagle owl can grow up to 70cm - no other owl species can do that.
  • So that the bright owl's eyes do not betray the eagle-owl in the search for prey, he usually leaves his eyes only ajar.
  • Statistically, most of the owls in Germany die each year from contact with power lines, closely followed by traffic accidents involving cars and railways.
  • Uhus prefer to breed in sheltered rock crevices and rock walls. Soil nests are obtained only in exceptional cases, because they are easily accessible by fox and marten.