The biotope

What is a biocnosis? Definition:

As Biozцnose (Greek bios = life, koinos = together) is called in biology the living communities of living beings within a biotope.
The term biocenosis refers to the community of animals (zoo zooses), plants (phytoznose) and also to microorganisms (microzosenosis). For example, a typical biocenosis, for example in the biotope pond, would include all living things: fish, fruit, insects, aquatic plants, algae and bacteria.
Biocenosis and biotope together form a Цcosystem.

All organisms of a biocenosis are indirectly or directly related. Interactions are possible both intraspecific, and extra-specific (interspecific) and in many ways:
Competition for food, reproductive partners and habitat
Rдuber-prey relationships
Symbiotic relationships (symbiosis)