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The Mars

The most important facts and figures about the planet Mars

Profile: Mars

planet typerocky planet
Number of moons2
numberingFourth planet in the solar system
Distance to the sun227,900,000 km
Orbital period around the sunabout 687 days
Transit Timeabout 13min
Distance to earth225,300,000 km
planetary ringsNo
neighboring planetEarth and Jupiter
scope21,344 km
diameter6,779 km
radius3,390 km
total area144,798,500 km²
Dimensions6,419 · 10 ^ 23 kg
Mass (i.V. to earth)0,1
volume1.6318 · 10 ^ 11 km³
Volume (i.V. to the earth)0.15
Olderabout 4.5 billion years
axis tilt25,19°
rotation speed?
direction of rotationrechtläufig
web speed24.13 km / s
gravitation3.69 m / s²
Duration of Day (sidereal day)24h 38min
Temperatures at the surface-130 ° C to + 30 ° C
Average surface temperature:-50 ° C
Temperature in the coreabout 2000 ° C
Spährische albedo0,3
Geometric albedo0,2
the atmosphereCarbon dioxide (96%), nitrogen (2%), argon (2%)
Most common elementsIron, sulfur, silicon