The tree of life - conifer


Surname: Tree of Life
Latin name: Thuja
Number of species: about 5
circulation area: Asia, North America
fruit: about 1cm big cones
heyday: March May
height: 1 - 50m
Older: ?
Properties of the bark: reddish-brown
Properties of the wood: light, stable
Locations of the tree: ?
leaf: flaky foliage (needles)

Interesting about the tree of life

The trees of life are conifers and describe their own, a total of five species comprehensive genus within the cypress family. The tree of life is in our latitudes rather under the name Thuja is known and cultivated mainly for the planting of garden hedges. In the wild Thujen is native to Asia and much of North America from New York to Canada. In Central Europe, especially the Occidental Tree of Life, which is also known under the botanical name Thuja occidentalis, as an ornamental plant among gardeners very popular. This species was brought to Europe by sailors in the early sixteenth century.
The evergreen tree of life is of slender conical shape and reaches heights of growth of about fifteen meters in culture, in the wild, well over fifty meters high specimens are not uncommon. He has a slim and dense treetop, which often extends down to the ground and is formed by horizontally standing branches. The trunk is usually widened to the base and covered by a reddish or brown bark, which separates into longitudinal strips. The leaves of the tree of life appear as fan-like small branches and take on an intense yellow color in autumn. They are bright green at the top, appear at the bottom in a lighter and dull shade of green and consist of roof tiles arranged like scales. From the inconspicuous yellow to reddish flowers develop in midsummer about one centimeter long coniferous fruits that stick to the branches until next spring.
Both the cones, as well as the leaves and the wood of the tree of life are toxic to humans and can even be lethal if consumed in large quantities. In the scales of the leaves glands sit, which release the poisonous ethereal oil when triturating.