The koala - profile


Surname: Koala bear
Other names: Ash-gray bag-bear
Latin name: Phascolarctos cinereus
class: Mammals
size: 60 - 80cm
mass: 4 - 12kg
Older: 8 - 15 years
Appearance: silver-gray
Sexual dimorphism: Yes
Nutrition type: Herbivore (herbivor)
food: Eucalyptus leaves
distribution: Australia
original origin: Australia
Sleep-wake rhythm: nocturnal
habitat: open forests
natural enemies: Dingoes, birds of prey, snakes
sexual maturity: with 2 - 4 years
mating season: October - February
gestation: 28 - 35 days
litter size: 1 cub
social behavior: Loners
Threatened with extinction: Endangered
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Interesting about the koala

  • Koalas eat exclusively eucalyptus leaves and eucalyptus bark.
  • The total population of koala bears in Australia is estimated at 60,000 animals. Therefore, the Koala is classified by the World Conservation Union (IUCN) as an endangered species.
  • Koalas sleep more than 18 hours every day to save energy. The rest of the time is spent on feeding.
  • After birth, the cub crawls into the mother's pouch and stays there for at least 6 months.
  • Koalas are the most famous representatives of marsupials in addition to kangaroos.
  • The name "Koala" comes from the Aborigines and means "do not drink". That's only partially true. Although the koala absorbs a large amount of fluid through its food, it can not cover its entire fluid requirement.
  • Koalas have a poor immune system and are especially susceptible to virus and bacterial infections.
  • The repertoire of vocalizations is extensive. Koalas can bark (to signal mating readiness), scream (as a warning call to other koala bears), and buzz (when interacting with juveniles).
  • Brush fires are almost always synonymous with death for koalas, because they are too slow to flee from fire.
  • Koalas show a pronounced territorial behavior.
  • Koalas zoo-keeping is an immense cost because koalas only eat fresh and very specific eucalyptus leaves. For this reason daily fresh eucalyptus plants from Australia have to be flown in.