The most important facts and figures about the planet Jupiter

Wanted: Jupiter

planet typegas Planet
Number of moons67
numberingFifth planet in the solar system
Distance to the sun780,000,000 km
Orbital period around the sun11 years, 315 days
Transit Time44 min
Distance to earthabout 750,000,000 km
planetary ringsYes
neighboring planetMars and Saturn
scope439,264 km
diameter139,822 km
radius69,911 km
total area61,418,738,571 km²
Dimensions1,899 · 10 ^ 27 kg
Mass (i.V. to earth)317
volume1.4313 · 10 ^ 15 km³
Volume (i.V. to the earth)1321
Olderabout 4.5 billion years
axis tilt3,12°
rotation speed?
direction of rotationrechtläufig
web speed13.0 km / s
gravitation24.79 m / s²
Duration of Day (sidereal day)9h 56m
Temperatures at the surface?
Average surface temperature:about -100 ° C
Temperature in the core?
Spährische albedo0,3
Geometric albedo0,5
the atmosphere/
Most common elementsHydrogen, helium