Typical firing patterns of neurons in the default mode network in resting state

Inspired by the Wikipedia article on the default mode network where I read:

Hans Berger, the inventor of the electroencephalogram, was the first to propose the idea that the brain is constantly busy. In a series of papers published in 1929 he showed that the electrical oscillations detected by his device do not cease even when the subject is at rest.

I came up with the following question:

Are there data available for typical firing patterns of single neurons (of a given type, in a given region or functional unit) in the default mode network in resting state over some significant period of time, say a minute?

By "typical firing pattern" I mean:

  • the overall number of spikes (per minute)

  • the number of isolated spikes

  • the number and duration of tonic bursts

  • the number and duration of other firing patterns as proposed e.g. by Eugene Izhikevich

  • and the mean distances between them

Or are such data not available, maybe because they are too hard to gather or cannot be summarized in a sensible way.

I ask just to get an idea, and because I would like to know if - for example - the maximal, mean, or median number of spikes per minute has an order of magnitude of 10, 100, 1,000 or 10,000 - or even more?

Watch the video: Resting state correlations in fMRI signal reveal the organization of the brains functional networks (January 2022).