The pig - Wanted poster


Surname: Pig
Other names: Domestic pig
Latin name: Sus scrofa domestica
class: Mammals
size: 1.2 - 1.8m
mass: 50 - 150kg
Older: 8 - 12 years
Appearance: white-pink
Sexual dimorphism: Yes
Nutrition type: Omnivore (omnivor)
food: vegetable and animal food
distribution: as a livestock worldwide
original origin: Middle East
Sleep-wake rhythm: diurnal
habitat: unspecific
natural enemies: /
sexual maturity: with 6 months
mating season: all year round
gestation: about 110 days
litter size: 2 - 8 kitten
social behavior: group building
Threatened with extinction: No
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Interesting about the pig

  • Depending on gender and age, pigs can be described differently: female pig (sow), male pig (boar), young pigs (piglets).
  • The domestic pig comes from the boar. At least 10,000 years ago, the first pigs were kept by humans (domestication).
  • Pigs can not sweat. For cooling, they therefore seek out shady places, or roll in the mud. Pleasant side effect: parasites are removed.
  • Pigs are highly social animals. The keeping of pigs in small groups is therefore an indispensable condition for a species-appropriate attitude.
  • The bristle hairs of the pigs are used for the bristles of brushes.
  • General assumptions that pigs are filthy and stupid can not be confirmed by recent zoological research. The intelligence of pigs is comparable to that of apes.
  • Around 1 billion pigs are kept worldwide. Alone half of them in China.
  • The sense of smell of a pig is similar to that of a dog. This predestines them to truffle hunting (edible mushrooms that grow only underground and achieve prices of several thousand euros). Even when tracking landmines and explosives, pigs are as good as a beagle.
  • Pigs could theoretically be 8 - 12 years old. In livestock, however, pigs are slaughtered after 6 to 10 months, because then the carcass weight is reached.