The hippopotamus - Wanted poster


Surname: Hippo
Other names: Hippo, Hippopotamus
Latin name: Hippopotamus amphibius
class: Mammals
size: 3 - 5m
mass: 1000 - 4000kg
Older: 20 - 40 years
Appearance: Gray
Sexual dimorphism: Yes
Nutrition type: Herbivore (herbivor)
food: Land plants, aquatic plants
distribution: Africa
original origin: Africa
Sleep-wake rhythm: nocturnal
habitat: Rivers, lakes
natural enemies: /
sexual maturity: 3 - 8 years
mating season: ?
gestation: 230 - 240 days
litter size: 1 cub
social behavior: Herd animal
Threatened with extinction: Yes
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Interesting facts about the hippopotamus

  • Hippos have different names in the population: hippo, hippo, hippopotamus or even hippopotamus.
  • The mating season of the hippos is indirectly linked to the rainy season. Young animals are born at the beginning of the rainy season. The time in the year when the largest feed supply exists.
  • Hippos and crocodiles share their habitat. However, both species are not in direct competition with each other, as hippos are herbivores, and crocodiles are carnivores. Crocodiles do not eat adult hippos.
  • In the wild, the number of hippos still alive is estimated at 130,000.
  • Despite their name, hippos are not related to horses. Genetic analysis has recently revealed a relationship between hippopotamus and whale.
  • Hippos rest in the water during the day. Only at night do they go foraging.
  • The enormous canines (up to half a meter) grow for a lifetime, but are naturally worn down by use.
  • Hippopotamus teeth are made of ivory. For this reason hippos are hunted illegally.
  • The mating of the hippos takes place in the water. On land, the male would crush the female with his weight.
  • During the mating season there are often heavy fights between the male hippos, in which not infrequently individual hippopotamuses die from the injuries.