The Nacktmull - Wanted poster


Surname: Naked Mole
Other names: Naked mole
Latin name: Heterocephalus glaber
class: Mammals
size: 8-10cm
mass: 30 - 40g
Older: 20 - 30 years
Appearance: pink-brown skin
Sexual dimorphism: ?
Nutrition type: ?
food: Tubers and roots
distribution: East Africa
original origin: East Africa
Sleep-wake rhythm: ?
habitat: underground
natural enemies: Snakes
sexual maturity: ?
mating season: ?
gestation: about 70 days
social behavior: colony forming
Threatened with extinction: No
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Interesting about the Nacktmull

  • The Nacktmull or Heterocephalus glaber describes a separate rodent genus within the porcupine relatives.
  • Although he is not related to the mole, the colloquial term nude mole has prevailed in the German-speaking world.
  • The Nacktmull is native to East and South Africa, where he lives in semi-deserts underground and creates huge buildings.
  • The Nacktmull stands out by a unique way of life, which is similar to those of ants and bees. He lives in large colonies that comprise several hundred animals.
  • Within such a state lives with the queen the only female that can reproduce. The queen chooses a single male for the mating.
  • The other members of the colony act as workers and are responsible for the construction and maintenance of the underground passageways and chambers, the transport of food and the care of the young.
  • Since the Nacktmull lives exclusively underground, he can hardly see. His fine tactile hair helps him to orient himself in the dark.
  • The eyes are covered with thick eyelids, and the ears are inside the body.
  • The Nacktmull owes its name to its lack of body hair. Its pink-brown skin is wrinkled and does not give parasites any chance to settle.
  • Another striking feature is the long incisors protruding from the mouth, which are constantly regrowing and are used for chopping up food as well as for digging the corridors and chambers.
  • Since the long incisors protrude even with the mouth closed, no earth can penetrate during the digging.
  • Naked muggies do not consume water and feed exclusively on tubers and roots, whose low nutrient content they can use optimally thanks to their cecum.
  • After mating and a gestation period of seventy days, the queen gives birth to up to twenty cubs.
  • After the death of the queen, the daughters deliver to their succession bitter fights.
  • Nacktmulle have an unusually high life expectancy of up to thirty years compared to other rodents.
  • Because they do not develop cancerous tumors, they have been studied extensively by cancer and aging researchers for decades to gain insights that can be applied to humans.