Comparison of dog and wolf

Differences and similarities

Latin nameCanis lupus familiarisCanis lupus
animal classmammalsmammals
Life expectancy4 - 16 years (depending on breed)7 - 12 years
(Head and body)
0,4 - 1,5m1 - 1.5m
15 - 100cm (depending on race)50 - 80cm
mass1 - 70kg (race-dependent)30 - 60kg
Nutrition typeOmnivore (omnivor)Carnivore
nutritionMeat, vegetable foodHerbivorous mammals, carrion
digestionVegetable food and starchy food can be utilizedHerbal food is hardly used, starchy food practically not
sexual maturityapprox. from the 12th monthWith 2 - 3 years
mating seasonin principle possible all year roundJanuary February
litter size2 - 15 puppies3 - 10 puppies
heat2x a yearOnce a year
pregnancy60 - 70 days65 - 75 days
Genetic match99,7% - 99,9%
social typepack animalpack animal
Eye ColorVery different depending on the breedMostly brownish
JagdtriebRather weakStrongly pronounced
Method of huntingHetzjägerHetzjäger
violet glandDepending on the breed no longer availableAvailable
HundeschnauzeSignificantly shorter than the wolfelongated
Character / creaturetrusting, attentive, calmtimid, careful, shy
Population (worldwide)500 - 700 million dogs200,000 - 300,000 wolves
Population (Germany)about 7 million dogs150 wolves (estimate)