Comparison of rabbit and rabbit

Differences and similarities

Latin nameLepus europaeusOryctolagus cuniculus
animal classmammalsmammals
chromosome number4844
ears10 - 14cm5 - 10cm
Life expectancy5 - 10 years5 - 10 years
(Head and body)
Max. 75cmMax. 45cm
mass0,5 - 7kg1 - 3kg
Nutrition typeHerbivore (herbivor)Herbivore (herbivor)
nutritionGrasses, herbs, leaves, barkGrasses, herbs, roots, fruits, vegetables
sexual maturityapprox. from the 6th monthapprox. from the 8th month
mating seasonall yearall year
litter size2 - 6 boy3 - 14 boy
throw frequency2 - 4x per year4 - 6x per year
pregnancy40 - 44 days28 - 32 days
social typeprecocialNesthocker
social behaviorlonerpack animals
top speed60km / h50km / h
way of lifelive above ground and dig no cavesdigs underground cave passages